Hate and Racism: The Sand Creek Massacre/Benghazi

“Allabu akbar” – “Nits make lice.”

I gave an interview on Radio KVOR 740 a.m. on the Richard Randle Show in Colorado Springs on Friday, November 29, 2013,
the 149th anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre. Mr. Randle’s questions were poignant and objective. He asked me to
explain what caused the Sand Creek Massacre as well as giving my thoughts about why the troops committed such heinous
acts during the massacre.

I responded by juxtaposing the attack on U. S. Consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 to the Sand Creek Massacre.
I said that both attacks were based on racism and hate. Al-Qadea’s intense hate for Americans centers around their
religious beliefs fueled by American’s gluttony. Colonel John M. Chivington, Methodist minister’s hate for America’s indigenous people fueled his drive at Sand Creek to create genocide. Before the attack, amongst other things that he said was, “Nits make lice”, in his reference to Indian children.

The Islamist militant group, Ansar al-Sharia, claimed responsibility for the attack on the consulate. During the attack, as
they shot AK-47’s in the air and American Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith and those trying to rescue them smothered in the smoke by the burning of the consulate, militants screamed, “Allabu akbar” (“God is Great”). Islamist fundamentalists are hell-bent
on destroying America so that their misguided idea of what their Prophet Mohammed wanted, to drive out all “infidels”
and to replace them with the fundamentalist version of the “Quran,” will come true, which is yet, another form of genocide.

The essence of hate and racism dwells in ignorance. Ignorance fuels fear. Fear ignites expressions of hate and racism.

Even with all of the advancements human beings have made in the world with respect to racism and hate, racism and hate continue to burn so fiercely that unless we, as a people, converge on it, different forms of genocide will continue to ravage the human race, and as a race, we will disintegrate and be no more.

Many are unaware of hate and racism. Their feelings and beliefs regarding race, religion and culture can blind the most insightful
with respect to hate and racism. We see daily in the media headlines, actions in the U. S. Congress and in influential political and business circles how hate simmers and racism boils with respect to President Barack Obama. Many of the economic and political problems America has experienced during President Obama’s tenure as president exist
because of blindness to hate and racism.

It is up to us, individually, to level the barriers of hate and racism that exist in our lives, so that each one of us can expand and grow as human beings. This kind of attitude will elevate our individual lives as well as everyone else’s life, and in turn, help our children and grandchildren have a better and safer world in which to live. And we can do this by learning and growing individually through educating ourselves about all cultures, races and religions, to make us more fully-informed human beings.

Donald L. Vasicek
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Colorado Territorial Governor John Evans
Colorado Territorial Governor John Evans


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