Olympus Films+

Mission Statement:

Olympus Films+, LLC is dedicated to writing and producing quality products that serve to educate others about the human condition.

Olympus Films+, LLC was founded in 1994 by award-winning Writer/ Filmmaker Donald L. Vasicek. It has been a steady supplier of written and filmed products to domestic and foreign distributors. Although not planned, the focus has been on minority-themed stories and people.

Olympus Films+, LLC produced a documentary film, “Faces”, about who gays and lesbians are. It was distributed by RMI Media Productions, Inc. to schools, colleges, and universities. In 1996, Olympus Films+, LLC produced an educational video for the Colorado Cherry Creek School District titled, “Oh, The Places You can Go…”, about physically- and mentally-challenged kids entering adult life after high school. It was distributed to educators, parents, administrators, schools and school districts.

Vasicek was also a writer/consultant for four Chinese producers and MGM’s “Warriors of Virtue”, a $56 million feature film, and ssociate producer/writer for a Korean producer’s production of two feature films.Vasicek has also written and published over 500 books, articles, and poems with a focus on themes that involve the human condition.

Olympus Films+, LLC will continue to produce documentary films, feature films, videos, DVD’s, Interactive Media, books, classroom videos, etc. to provide venues for learning about the human condition. The Company will invest in people with vision and history of the industry. It will continue to rely on experienced producers to deliver all of the material necessary to support a successful project flow.For more on Olympus Films+, LLC please visit our website.