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April 2015
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Award-winning Writer/Filmmaker Donald L. Vasicek's dream is to create awareness by documenting the Sand Creek Massacre. The Centennial, Colorado filmmaker/writer has worked for numerous years, using his money to produce a feature documentary film about the Sand Creek Massacre. You can see a longer version on the Video page.
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Chief Niwot Speaks To Donald L. Vasicek

Chief Niwot

Note: I am sharing the following with each of you.
The reason why I am sharing this with each of you
is because it is In “Conversations with God”.
Author Neal Donald Walsch, said on Larry King,
that “God can be anything.”

The following came unexpectedly to me one day. It was from Harry Strunk:

“I’m on a personal journey in my writing and am channeling Chief Niwot to bring Native American wisdom to our problems of today. It will be similar to “Conversations with God” (by Neal Donald Walsch) in a question/answer format entitled ”The Left Hand Journey to Wisdom: A walk with Chief Niwot.” (Niwot means left hand in Arapaho). Whether this materializes in a physical walk from Sand Creek to Gold Lake or merely a metaphysical walk – or combination of the two – has yet to be determined.

The Sand Creek massacre seems to be playing an important role in this project since it represents loss and separation…we all have our own personal Sand Creeks. It also represents the healing that we all face and the change in life we can’t control.

Here is a message from Chief Niwot…”

“Donald Vasicek,
Your walk is never more important as now. The blending of the four colors is just beginning – Obama is testament to that. This is why your project is not only timely, but of great importance to the collective healing that must take place.

Remember in your message…being stuck in victimization and hanging on to the wound is detrimental to this healing. Through the lessons of time, the teaching part is to let go of the past and embrace forgiveness, while still using that past as a history lesson.

The Great Spirit of the Southern Arapaho is the same for every man. It is telling us all and using these tragedies as a way to touch our hearts. The sadness must overcome the anger to stir the deep love we have for each other. Fear and hatred has no place in this process.

Move ahead with your project as the funds will come from the love and hearts of many.

Blessings and good medicine on your journey.”
Chief Niwot

“Ethnic Studies Library, U. C. Berkley and First Nations University of Canada to Catalog Award-Winning Donald L. Vasicek’s Sand Creek Massacre Film”

For Immediate Release

Donald L. Vasicek
Olympus Films+, LLC

“Ethnic Studies Library, U. C. Berkley and First Nations University of Canada to Catalog Award-Winning Donald L. Vasicek’s Sand Creek Massacre Film”

Centennial, CO – July 15, 2011 – “The Sand Creek Massacre”, an award-winning documentary film, is to be catalogued in the Ethnic Studies Library, U. C. Berkley and First Nations University of Canada. Already catalogued in Smithsonian Institute Libraries, the Heard Museum in Phoenix, The Billy Baguley Museum in Phoenix, the American Indian Genocide Museum in Houston, and 28 U. S. and Canada Tribal Libraries, the film is an oral history of murder, rape and mutilation of over 400 Cheyennes by the Colorado 1st and 3rd Cavalries on November 29, 1864.

The film was named Best Native American Film at The American Indian Film Festival in Houston. It won the prestigious Golden Drover Award at the Trail Dance Film Festival in Duncan, Oklahoma and was named best short film in Cleveland at The Indie Gathering Film Festival. The story of the Sand Creek Massacre is told on camera by Cheyenne and Arapaho people whose ancestors were at Sand Creek during the massacre. Donald L. Vasicek, award-winning writer/filmmaker, who wrote, directed and produced the film via his film company, Olympus Films+, LLC, said, “This film has an educational value that is unparalleled with respect to films of this nature. To hear firsthand what took place at Sand Creek is chilling, riveting, and compelling. It informs and inspires others to learn more about America’s indigenous cultures in order to pave the way for more peaceful relationships.”

The film has been screened at colleges and universities throughout the United States in addition to various Native American organizations and groups. It has also been aired in Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix and screened in over 100 venues in the United States, Europe, Thailand, and Sweden. It is being distributed in North America and Asia by Films Media Group.

Olympus Films+, LLC was founded by Donald L. Vasicek in 1993. It has produced such films as “Faces”, a documentary film about who gays and lesbians really are, and “Oh, The Places You Can Go…”, a documentary film about kids with special needs in transition.

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Donald L. Vasicek
Olympus Films+, LLC
The Zen of Writing