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The National Park Service

“We previewed the film on Wednesday, October 1, during our monthly staff meeting.  Everyone enjoyed the flow of the film and the interviews with tribal descendants.”

-Shawn G. Gillette, Chief of Interpretation, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Park

“I just watched the Sand Creek trailer online.  I thought it was excellent and it really moved me. It stirred my soul.  It was very powerful Don – the words, images (flames were great) and cuts. Wow!!

“United Native America supports this film coming about, if we do not stand up for our true history no one will. The Indian community is united today in telling how America came about as to the Indian holocaust.”

-Alison Hill
Emmy-Nominated PBS Producer

“You have done an extraordinary job on the Colorado PBS episode, the library videos for public schools and libraries, the trailer, etc….
Having someone that is providing exposure and public awareness is long overdue.
I hope people will give in support of this film and getting the story told and giving honor to those ancestors who had to witness this tragic and brutal attack. As a descendant I am here to do whatever to support this story and tell it to everyone in the world and film is one of the best ways.  I dance to the drum in honor of all the descendants who was at the Sand Creek Massacre on November 29, 1864.”
-Margie Small
Tobient Entertainment/Oklahoma Badlands, Inc.


Thanks so much for sending me the DVD of Sand Creek Massacre which confirmed my belief that I was part of a quality project. Your work is excellent and it was an honor to be a part of it in some way. Well done!
John Miles Productions

From: “Howerter, Cindy” <>
Date: February 16, 2007 8:15:08 AM MST
To: “Don Vasicek” <>
Subject: RE: Our Children’s need for native awareness…

Good luck with your worthwhile project.

Colorado Commissioner of Education Assistant
Colorado Department of Education

I watched “The Sand Creek Massacre” this morning and casted my vote for

it. It is  very moving and yet so sad to see what our Native-American

brothers and sisters had to needlessly endure. I’m very moved, and

would like to thank Mr. Don Vasicek for a documentary that we can pass

down through the generations to educate, remember and honor the people

who lived in this country first.


Debbi Mouradjian

Dear Don,

I must begin this letter by thanking you for sending me The Sand Creek
Massacre 22 minute documentary CD. It is  powerful and informative. When I viewed this presentation  I felt the cries of the American Indians. How good it is that this horrendous time in Colorado’s history is finally being revealed. I will certainly inform all of the people I’m acquainted with about your film. Congratulations on a job well done!

Best Regards,


We recieved your DVD the other day and watched it. WOW! It looks great! I will have to send you what we have done when I get some time.


I am proud of you Don.

You have come far.

Again Sir, I am very proud of you and what you have accomplished on the Sand
Creek Massacre.


Chris Kiana
From Anchorage, Alaska

-Hi Donald
Thank you for sending the screener of The Sand Creek Massacre.  It is a very
good and moving doc.  Congratulations.

George Christoff
FilmWest Associates

Thank you! More,more,more exposure of this information. US history is not taught in US History class-only half-truths and lies and most of history is omitted-hey,but you can’t stop “the wav”-keep talking,please keep talking.

“Thank you for taking interest in our Native American Culture. It means a lot
to the Cheyenne People.”

-Clint Punley
IT Technician
Riverside Indian School

“Thank you for bringing this story to film, it is my families greatest sorrow.”
-Belinda Standingwater-Polka

United Native America supports this film coming about, if we do not stand up for our true history no one will. The Indian community is united today in telling how America came about as to the Indian holocaust.

American Indian Genocide Museum

California Center for Native Americans

Dr. Yossi Olmert

Sand Creek Massacre Descendant’s Trust

Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes

Watonga, Oklahoma Schools

Broomfield, Colorado Independent Film Series

The Denver Indian Center

Youth Media National Video Resources

North American Indian Legal Services, Inc.

The American Indian Theatre (Robert Redford, David Carradine Board Members)

Houston CTV, HCCT

Rocky Mountain PBS

Los Angeles Paxico Projection Series

“Indian Country”

Philip S. Miller Library Bull Theatre Film Project

“The Indiewood Reporter”

ManatakaYavapai-Apache Nation

The Bug Theatre/Denver

New York/Tribeca Monday Night Shorts

Hollywood Lit. Sales

Native Biz


Stars in the Desert Film Festival

UN Observer and Reporter

Center for Documentary Studies

Duke University’s The Happening Film Festival

Mary Wickenkamp, Wickenkamp Law Offices

Last of the Independents

Western Trooper Productions (The Missing, Into The West,)

Documentary Award-Winning Producer, Kathy Leichter, Mint Leaf Productions

Linda Wommack, Colorado historian and author

Tom Noel, Ph.D., Colorado historian, author, columnist, ColoradoUniversity professor

Colorado Senator Jim Dyer

Wisdom Wear/Bamboo Caters


“Wild Wild West”

“True West”

“Kiowa County Press”

“Indian Country Today”

“American Western Magazine”


Colorado Film and Video Association Newsletter

“The Villager”

“The Indiewood Reporter”

Hollywood Lit. Sales

“Colorado Springs Gazette”

“The Denver Post”

Native Biz

DCTV/Colorado Reel TV

LA Comcast/Time Warner The Gigi, Inc. Show

“Centennial Citizen”

Docu-LinkNY/LA/London Shooting People (Radio Interview: Radio Canada

KOLA (International Forum of VIPs for Leonard Peltier)


“Digital Cinema Report”

“Dance With Life” Magazine

Dear Don,

I just viewed your powerful documentary, The Sand Creek Massacre.
I can’t get the words out of my mind,  question to Rivington from
a soldier: “Should we kill the children?” answer, “Nits make lice.”

This horror needs to be exposed. I am so honored that you sent this
to me. We are meeting this Monday evening and I will make the
proposal for a film festival. I want this to be first on the list.
Meanwhile, I will circulate this to our members for review over
the weekend.

I profoundly feel that this information has terrific relevance for

We can’t let this continue to slide!

Again, I am so honored. I thank you so much.

In solidarity,

Bonnie Weinstein,

You are a mentor to Native American’s everywhere. You are taking the time, approach and respectable view from the tragedy in southeastern Colorado territory, in 1864, and bringing the necessary awareness to people in the world. Your timing could be no better than for what tragedy our world is facing just about 108 years since the massacre at Sand Creek.

If we are to see any diversity it’s going to take people like you to bring it to the rest of the world or it will die in the sand at Sand Creek, like it has for so many years already.

As a member of The Sand Creek Massacre Descendants Trust, a descendant of the Sand Creek Massacre, I Thank You.

Peace for Sand Creek,
Margie Small


Subject: Re: The Sand Creek Massacre
Date: January 17, 2007 1:21:37 PM MST
Dear Don,

Our group was so impressed with your film that we are now
planning a showing of just your film alone–featuring it with
a discussion of the event and the powerful impact it has had
on the politics of our country–whether we realize it or not.

We feel that featuring this film we can make that point loud
and clear.

We are in the process of contacting other native peoples
in the area as well to invite them to help sponsor the

We are thinking that it might be a good way to involve them
in the ongoing antiwar movement and in the immigrant
movement issues such as the militarization of our borders,
etc. that punish people for trying to find work to feed themselves
and their families while the corporations make huge profits
off their cheap labor.

We feel that your film illustrates the true nature of the
rulers of this country from its very inception. And that the
oppression still exists just as the body parts of these great
ancestors are still in the Smithsonian.

We haven’t set a date for the film showing yet because we
want to try to broaden our base of those who might want to get
involved in viewing the film.

I will keep you posted.

In solidarity,

Bonnie Weinstein

-Bay Area United Against War (
Hi Don-
Thank you for submitting the screener for your The Sand Creek Massacre DVD. Upon review I found your product to be unique, educational and interesting…
-Pennsylvania Educational DVD Distributor


Thanks so much for sending me the DVD of Sand Creek Massacre which confirmed my belief that I was part of a quality project. Your work is excellent and it was an honor to be a part of it in some way. Well done!



Hi Don,

I just watched your film, and it is excellent.   It looks like
everything has finally fallen in to place, and that is awesome.

Let me know where I can send a donation.

– LMT, Ph.D
“…I can go as I had planned…with the film to the Native Amer.Dept. to talk to them
about using it in the District as a teaching tool with some of the lesson plans as
enrichment tools…
-Educator in one of the largest school district in the southwestern part of the country.
I have been invited to bring the documentary presentation DVD to George Mason University where it will be screened and I will lead a discussion afterwards.  George Mason University is in Falls City, Virginia right on the cusp of the Washington D. C. area.
A representative for the Southern Oregon Indian Center in Grants Pass, Oregon is figuring out the best way to put the DVD permanently in its Center.
KOLA and the International Peltier Forum (IPF) are circulating the Announcement/Request for help below in getting the film out.  The response has been good.


We recieved your DVD the other day and watched it. WOW! It looks great!

I watched the DVD’s , long version and short, and was very impressed..

The Long Version has NOT been changed yet as to the Credits and
STILL has Dallas ISD in it…I am afraid they might make a big deal
about it or sue for using their name without permission..

The District will not mind me listed as Loyce Hopkins, Public Educator,Texas,
but to use their name ,,,,They are picky and that is an understatement.
I want to take it to the Native Amer.Dept. but it cannot have the school or
DISD name in the credits…
I know your editor was working on it but please have him remove the Dallas
ISD and School name…

Thank you and what wonderful work you have done…
Sincerely ,
Loyce Hopkins
Public Educator