Chief Niwot Speaks To Donald L. Vasicek

Chief Niwot

Note: I am sharing the following with each of you.
The reason why I am sharing this with each of you
is because it is In “Conversations with God”.
Author Neal Donald Walsch, said on Larry King,
that “God can be anything.”

The following came unexpectedly to me one day. It was from Harry Strunk:

“I’m on a personal journey in my writing and am channeling Chief Niwot to bring Native American wisdom to our problems of today. It will be similar to “Conversations with God” (by Neal Donald Walsch) in a question/answer format entitled ”The Left Hand Journey to Wisdom: A walk with Chief Niwot.” (Niwot means left hand in Arapaho). Whether this materializes in a physical walk from Sand Creek to Gold Lake or merely a metaphysical walk – or combination of the two – has yet to be determined.

The Sand Creek massacre seems to be playing an important role in this project since it represents loss and separation…we all have our own personal Sand Creeks. It also represents the healing that we all face and the change in life we can’t control.

Here is a message from Chief Niwot…”

“Donald Vasicek,
Your walk is never more important as now. The blending of the four colors is just beginning – Obama is testament to that. This is why your project is not only timely, but of great importance to the collective healing that must take place.

Remember in your message…being stuck in victimization and hanging on to the wound is detrimental to this healing. Through the lessons of time, the teaching part is to let go of the past and embrace forgiveness, while still using that past as a history lesson.

The Great Spirit of the Southern Arapaho is the same for every man. It is telling us all and using these tragedies as a way to touch our hearts. The sadness must overcome the anger to stir the deep love we have for each other. Fear and hatred has no place in this process.

Move ahead with your project as the funds will come from the love and hearts of many.

Blessings and good medicine on your journey.”
Chief Niwot

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