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‘Akwe:kon’ Mohawk = ‘All of us’ ‘Nous tous’
Donald L Vasicek
RE. Sand Creek Massacre,

Thanks for putting together this important human memory. I tried to post the following on the Sandcreekmassacre site through WordPress but it didn’t recognize my WordPress account.

There is memory deep within our genes, our mysterious emotions, our fractured relations & everywhere we are or go. Unfortunately ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) humans are driven to continually recreate tragedy in order to understand it. Those who don’t learn about their history, repeat it.

Celtic peoples of Europe, as ‘indigenous’ (L ‘self-generating’) peoples did here, lived in Longhouses, cultivated the biosphere, grew the Oak & other trees for their primary nourishment, held council in circle, upheld women’s circles, organized work in Production Societies, used a form of string-shell for accounting memory of village values & joined in confederacy.

When Mid-eastern nations, Mesopotamia, Semites, Greeks & Romans in sequence progressively had their own abundant 3-dimensional polyculture orchards destroyed for 2-D ‘agriculture’ (L ‘ager’ = ‘field’), each in turn became violently displaced by force & fell subject to the spread of disease. Each abused once indigenous nation became exogenous spreading biosphere destruction & genocide. Colonial institutions don’t talk about our own indigenous ancestors, so we are continually ignorant. Our indigenous village story tellers once held many thousands of years of family & national memory. As once abused we brought our suffering across the Atlantic, Pacific & Indian Oceans to impose it upon the people here.

When we rediscover & live the indigenous wisdom of all our ancestors, then we will rediscover welcome, love, life & abundance.

Douglas Jack, coordonnateur, Jardins-LaSalle-Gardens Mutual Aid Committee, Maison de / Home of Dialogue, 9662 Jean-Milot, LaSalle-Montreal (Kahnawake-north), Quebec H8R 1X9, Canada 514-365-9594 Skype: douglas.jack4

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