Islam Awakening Ignites Sand Creek Massacre Writer/Filmmaker Donald L. Vasicek

Abu Kamel, living in the Arabian Peninsula, commented on the Islamic Awakening Forum about U. S. Marines who urinated on Taliban dead bodies. Using the Sand Creek Massacre as his example, Kamel wrote that “America has no morality.” He references Award-Winning Writer/Filmmaker Donald L. Vasicek’s Sand Creek Massacre website,, in which he says the Sand Creek Massacre was one of America’s “military atrocities”, and ends by writing, “This is America’s legacy to the world.”

Vasicek said this is a red flag for Americans. Juxtaposing urination on dead bodies to the Sand Creek Massacre shows that America might want to take stock of their values and morals. While urinating on dead bodies is an isolated incident committed by arrogant U. S. marines that show disrespect, which was fear-based, the Sand Creek Massacre was a military attack on people they felt were a threat to them, which was fear-based, both acts were based on ignorance.

Americans need to come together. This means that all cultures, races, religions, etc. must join together to restore America to a position of respect and knock off the bully and thug image that was exacerbated during the Bush Administration.

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