Sand Creek Massacre Shows Media Failings with Objective Journalism

Media and others fail to mention that Southern Cheyenne Chief Laird (Whistling Eagle) Cometsevah told this filmmaker that there were over 400 Cheyenne murdered at Sand Creek. To make it clear, most media and others say: “…At least 150 were killed at Sand Creek…” There were more than 150 murdered, not killed at Sand Creek. The reason for this is the same reason Germans would not publicly discuss the Holocaust. They were ashamed of it. All competent journalists and the like should always interview Cheyenne people before they write something about the Sand Creek Massacre. To do anything less is to show disrespect to the Cheyenne people, something that has been going on since the 1825 Friendship Treaty promoted and signed by the Cheyenne people.

And for all of you media people out there, remember this, the most powerful kind of journalism is objective journalism. Anything less than that is writing and broadcasting with a Hollywood mentality. Don’t forget that.

Let’s get this right, folks. It’s time.

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