Haiti and Poverty-Stricken America

The tragedy in Haiti is unparalleled. The call for help
from around the world is needed, to say the least.

The question:

What does it take to get an equal call to citizens of the
United States to help out American citizens who
have, are and will be experiencing metaphorical
earthquakes of their own?

Native Americans. Homeless war veterans. The
homeless. Poverty-stricken people in the United States.
Those who have lost their jobs and homes and had
and are having their lives ruined because
of ignorant, fear-filled human beings like George Bush
and Richard Cheney, who plunged the United States
of America into a meaningless war that caused the
murders of thousands of Americans, Iraquis, and
others, and in turn, created the economic turmoil
that has placed the United States on the brink of
financial disaster. These two individuals live in
warm, safe, secure homes, and are revered in some
circles, as wonderful men. With what legacy will history
books credit them? Because America honors those who
serve in public office, for some strange reason, more
than any other American, they will prevail with
their new libraries, etc.

Who is going to create a text message number for
people to call in to donate money to help out those
Americans who were figuratively destroyed in the
past by greed and self-interest like these two men?
Who? And when?

The United States has always been helpful to
people in other countries. It has helped make
America, in many people’s eyes, the great
country that it is. It is almost cliche. What
about Americans who need help? Think
about it. Where is the outpouring to
help Americans in need, like what is
going on in Haiti now? Where is it,
folks? And that is not to slight Haitians
one bit. The horror they are
experiencing is unimaginable. We
must help them out. I’m simply
saying that we have Americans
in America who are experiencing
the same kind of horror.

Food. Shelter. Clothing. Possibly a bit of
recreation. Where has it gone for thousands
of Americans who have been, are, and will
be devastated by this metaphorical earthquake
that plagues Americans as a people?

It is time for the United States of America to
put forth the same effort it does to help out
Americans like Haitians are being helped now.

It is time, or, the infrastructure of America will
continue to decay, and die.

It is time.

And for those of you, after reading this, who will want to compare me to Rush Limbaugh’s bellowing about American citizens’ income tax money that goes to Haiti, forget it. Rush Limbaugh is a squeaky
conservative. Oiling his hinges would only be a beginning to turning
around his idiocy. For me, my hinges are oiled. I am tired of those who try to make a show by giving others money, when many Americans in their backyards are struggling to stay alive.

We have always given as Americans. So much so,
we are blinded to the fact that there are thousands
of Americans who need the same kind of help
Haitians are struggling to receive. If you want to
argue this point, before you do, I encourage you
to visit some Native American reservations in
the United States. Visit them. Roll in the dirt,
feel their earth. Go to the Conoco convenience
stop in Lame Deer, Montana. Stand in line
with what you want to purchase. Observe
those standing in line with you. Who are
they? They are Native Americans who live
on a poverty-stricken reservation where
drug and alcohol abuse stalks each Native
American who lives there, like actually,
forced to live there, because their ancestors
were shot and killed when they resisted
attempts at curtailing their rights to
follow the buffalo and to live free.

Go there, my friends, before you flap
your tongue about me, and my
pontificating. Sit and ponder there.
Then, tell me that America’s
indigineous people in addition to
those Americans who live in
cardboard boxes under bridges
do not need the kinds of help some Haitians
are presently receiving.

Tell me. Tell me. Churches who
spend all of their might on helping
people in other countries who are
experiencing plight, poverty, hunger,
disease, AIDS, and a host of other
horrifying things that most Americans
do not. Why is it that there are
Americans in America who live
in “Third World” countries, or as
some idiots say, “developing nations”,
which is hilarious to me, here in
America? Check out Pine Ridge,
folks, before you attack me for my
presence of mind here.

Check out parts of Los Angeles,
New York City, Chicago, Denver,
etc. Everywhere, and anywhere you
go in the United States, you simply
need to open your eyes, and you will
see human devastation.

So, close your mind. Kick me in the ass
for this article. Say that I am an idiot.
It doesn’t matter. My plea is simply to
open your minds and eyes to the
devastation in America as you have
opened your minds and eyes to
Haitians. Americans need your
help as well. They also need your
hearts and your love. Who is the
first one to raise their hand and
pledge, as you are pledging to
Haiti, to exude the same passion
for America’s people who are
less fortunate than you? Who?

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